Ignasi Fernandez, Jesús Miguel Bairán, Antonio R. Marí
Corrosion effects on the mechanical properties of reinforcing steel bars. Fatigue and σ-ε behaviour.,
Construction and Building Materials,
Volume 101, Part 1, Pages 772-783 (December 2015).


Corrosion of steel reinforcement is one of the most severe problems of durability in reinforced concrete structures. A good understanding of the corrosion effects on the reinforcing steel techanical properties is necessary to adequately assess impaired structures. A study of the mechanical response of corroded reinforcement subjected to monotonic and cyclic loads by means of an experimental study is presented in this work.

More than 180 corroded specimens, 40 monotonic and 140 fatigue tests were performed. Relationships between corrosion penetration and the mechanical properties of reinforcing steel bars were identified. In addition, a study of the influence of the pit geometry on the fatigue life was carried out. A severe non-linear reduction in the mechanical properties studied, related to the corrosion degree was observed.