Liao, L., de la Fuente, A., Cavalaro, S., Aguado, A.
Design of FRC tunnel segments considering the ductility requirements of the Model Code 2010,
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology,
47, pp. 200-210 (2015).


Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is used to improve the mechanical response of precast segments for tunnels. The structural use of the material has been regulated by national codes and, recently, by the Model Code 2010 (MC 2010, hereinafter). In this regard, it is necessary to update the philosophy applied to the design of tunnel segments in compliance with the most recent guidelines, evaluating their applicability and repercussion. The objective of this paper is to present a critical analysis of the design of FRC segments according to the ductility requirements from the MC 2010; an alternative approach is proposed that is compatible with the condition found in some tunnels. The repercussions of both approaches are evaluated for the Metro Line 9 from Barcelona using results obtained in an experimental program with full-scale segments. The study suggests that the alternative approach may be applied under certain conditions, leading to a reduction in the fibre consumption.