Carmona, S., Molins, C., Aguado, A., Mora, F.
Distribution of fibers in SFRC segments for tunnel linings,
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology,
51, pp. 238-249 (2016).


This paper presents research results regarding the distribution of steel fibers in concrete used to build precast tunnel segments for Line 9 of the Barcelona Metro. The fiber distribution was studied using the actual fiber contents obtained by means of crushed cores drilled from different points of three full-scale tunnel lining segments. A statistical analysis determined that the fiber content in the ends of segments tends to be greater than in the central zone. The way of transporting, pouring and compacting concrete influences the fiber content and the fiber distribution across the thickness of the segment. In addition, cores with a diameter of 150. mm were found to have a lower scatter in the fiber content than smaller diameter specimens. Finally, based on probabilistic approaches, a minimum of 11 cores is proposed to control the fiber content in FRC segments.