Title Fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete. Development of new concept of a precast tunnel segment.
Acronym FIBHAC
Reference RTC-2015-3185-4
Project Leader Antonio Aguado de Cea
Contractor Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
Plan IPT-2011-1613-420000
Initial date 2011
Final date 2014
Summary The aim of the project was to change the concept of segments used in tunnels built with TBM through the use of self-compacting concrete with fibers that increase the efficiency of processes, reduce costs and improve the final product. In addition to that, the project also aimed to develop a comprehensive design methodology for these new types of segments taking into account the dosage of concrete and the structural performance. Several small-scale and real-scale experimental programs were performed. New methodologies for the quality control of the fibre reinforced concrete were developed and existing ones were improved.