Miren Etxeberria

Miren Etxeberria Larranaga

Miren Etxeberria is an Associate Professor in Construction Materials and sustainable materials and technologies in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her research work is focused on the reuse and recycling of Construction and demolition waste and, industrial and maritime by-products in cementitious construction materials. she has published more than 35 papers in Journal Citation Report (JCR) publications (mainly in Q1) and more than 15 presentations in international congresses. She has been responsible for 5 research projects. She has been member of different Committees, such as TC-RAC “Structural behaviour and innovation of recycled aggregate concrete”, RILEM, (since 2015) as well as IABSE, TG6.3, “Structural design with recycled aggregate concrete” (since 2018) and “Technical committee on the use water in concrete” of Japan Concrete Institute12 Nº52 (since 2012). She has been a visiting research fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of International Development Engineering School of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Civil and Structural and Imperial College London. She was the supervisor of 2 PhD graduated student and nowadays she supervises 2 PhDs. She has been a supervisor of more than 30 master/undergraduate theses focused on recycled materials.


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