BIA 2006-04127
TitleExperimental analysis and numerical modelling of the behaviour of masonry structures subject to in-plane and out-of-plane loading
AcronymBIA 2006-04127
ReferenceBIA 2006-04127
ContractorSpanish Ministry of Education and Science
Initial dateOctober 2006
Final dateOctober 2009
Fundings170.973,00 €
Professor in chargePere Roca Fabregat
SummaryThe main aim of the project was the development and validation of accurate numerical tools for the simulation of the mechanical and resistant response of brick masonry members (load bearing and shear walls) in serviceability and ultimate conditions. Given the importance of geometrical instability related phenomena in these structures (particularly in load bearing walls), the numerical methods developed were capable of accurately modeling bucking or instability phenomena experienced by such structures. Both in-plane and out-of plane, and also combined in- and out-of plane responses were taken into account. These developments were intended to be applied to the study of the performance of masononry buildings subject to horizontal actions (like earthquake). The numerical model were validated by comparison with experimental tests on the load bearing capacity of slender masonry walls carried out on both scale and full scale walls.