Sima J., Roca P., Molins C.
Nonlinear response of masonry wall structures subjected to cyclic and dynamic loading,
Engineering Structures,
33 (6), pp. 1955-1965 (2011).


The assessment of the dynamic or seismic performance of complex structures often requires the integration in the time domain of the structural equation of motion in the frame of a nonlinear analysis. Although sophisticated methods have been developed for the nonlinear analysis of masonry wall structures, including the macro- and micro-modeling approaches, these require large computational effort still limiting the extent and complexity of the structures analyzed. This paper presents an alternative method based on the Generalized Matrix Formulation for masonry skeletal structures and load bearing wall systems, which has been proved as an efficient formulation for the analysis of the strength capacity of these kinds of structures (Roca et al. (2005) [17]). The basic formulation has been complemented with a uniaxial cyclic constitutive model for masonry and a time integration scheme. The ability of the resulting approach to predict the nonlinear dynamic response of masonry structures is shown through its application to the time domain analysis of an experimental scale masonry building with available experimental results on its dynamic response.