Petracca M.; Pelà L.; Rossi R.; Oller S.; Camata G.; Spacone E.
Regularization of first order computational homogenization for multiscale analysis of masonry structures,
Computational Mechanics,
DOI: 10.1007/s00466-015-1230-6 (2015).


This paper investigates the possibility of using classical first order computational homogenization together with a simple regularization procedure based on the fracture energy of the micro-scale-constituents. A generalized geometrical characteristic length takes into account the size of the macro-scale element as well as the size of the RVE (and its constituents). The proposed regularization ensures objectivity of the dissipated energy at the macro-scale, with respect to the size of the FE in both scales and with respect to the size of the RVE. The proposed method is first validated against benchmark examples, and finally applied to the numerical simulation of experimental tests on in-plane loaded shear walls made of periodic masonry.