Savvas Saloustros

Savvas Saloustros

Dr. Savvas Saloustros is a post-doctoral Researcher and part-time lecturer in UPC-BarcelonaTech. He is a Civil Engineer (MSc) from the National Technical University of Athens and holds a joint Erasmus Mundus MSc on the Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions (SAHC) from University of Padova and UPC-BarcelonaTech. In 2017, he received his PhD in Construction Engineering from UPC-BarcelonaTech.

His research focuses on the inspection, diagnosis and structural analysis of existing structures. He works on the development of novel computational tools for the nonlinear Finite Element analysis of masonry structures, the seismic vulnerability of historical constructions using probabilistic approaches and the in-situ inspection and diagnosis of masonry structures through non-destructive (NDT) and minor-destructive (MDT) tests.

He is member of the International Scientific Committee on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of the Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH) and the Spanish Society for Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI).


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