Jesus Miguel Bairan Garcia, Antonio R. Mari Bernat
Coupled model for the non-linear analysis of anisotropic sections subjected to general 3D loading. Part 1: Theoretical formulation,
Computers & Structures,
Volume 84, Issues 31-32, December 2006, Pages 2254-2263


A numerical model for the coupled analysis of arbitrary shaped cross sections made of heterogeneous-anisotropic materials under 3D combined loading is formulated. The theory is derived entirely from equilibrium considerations and based on the superposition of the 3D section's distortion and the traditional plane section hypothesis. 3D stresses and strains fields are obtained as well as a section stiffness matrix reflecting coupling effects between normal and tangential forces due to material anisotropy. Traditional generalized strains and stresses are maintained as input and output variables. The proposed model is suitable as a constitutive law for frame elements in the analysis of complete structures.

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