Liao, L., Cavalaro, S., de la Fuente, A., Aguado, A.
Complementary use of inductive test and bendingtest for the characterization of SFRC,
Applied Mechanics and Materials,
580-583, pp. 2213-2219 (2014).


Many researches have been conducted in past decades for promoting the application of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC), either conventional or self-compacting. However, the differences of post-crack behaviour and the properties of these two types of concrete remains unclear. The objective of this paper is to analyse such differences in terms of flexural behaviour, fibre orientation and contribution as well as the fibre content. For that, an extensive experimental campaign was carried out. In total 3 mixes of self-compacting and 3 mixes with traditional concrete were produced with the nominal fibre contents of 30kg/m3, 45kg/m3 and 60kg/m3. In each series, specimens were produces and characterized bythree point bending test (code EN 14651) and inductive test. The results illustrate how fibre orientation and distribution justify the differences in the mechanical behaviour of the materials and the scatter of the bending test results.