Ongoing PhD Theses List



PhD Candidates Research Line Subject Supervisors E-mail
Alexis Campos Analysis & Design Of Concrete Structures Structural design of precast concrete floating platforms for wind turbines Climent Molins
Daniel Alarcon Analysis & Design Of Concrete Structures Analytical and experimental Aero-Hydro-Elastic behaviour of the support structures for floating wind turbines Climent Molins
Ulric Celada Analysis & Design Of Concrete Structures Theoretical and experimental study of isostatic partially prestressed structures Jesús Bairan, Eva Oller
Noemi Duarte Analysis & Design Of Concrete Structures Theoretical and experimental study of undeterminated partially prestressed bridges Antonio Marí, Jesús Bairán
Raul Menduiña Analysis & Design Of Concrete Structures Comportamiento de Regiones “D” recrecidas en estructuras de hormigón Antonio Marí, Jesús Bairán
Pau Trubat Analysis & Design Of Concrete Structures Station keeping analysis and design for new floating offshore wind turbines Climent Molins
Jorge Segura Historical & Masonry Structures Multi-Scale Experimental Characterization of the Mechanical Behavior of Masonry Pere Roca & Luca Pelà
Harold Verbel Historical & Masonry Structures Protection of the built cultural heritage Pere Roca
Marí­a Belén Jimenez Historical & Masonry Structures Seismic Risk Mitigation and Resilience of Urban Historical Centres Luca Pelà
Savvas Saloustros Historical & Masonry Structures Advanced continuum models for nonlinear analysis of large historical constructions Luca Pelà & Miguel Cervera
Isabel González de León Steel & Composite Structures Structural behaviour of stainless steel frames Esther Real & Itsaso Arrayago
Adrià Jiménez Steel & Composite Structures Equaljoints. Innovative solutions for steel connection Enrique Mirambel, Esther Real
Juan  Herrera Steel & Composite Structures Transversally and longitudinally stiffened girders subjected to patch loading Rolando Chacón
Borisa Kovac Steel & Composite Structures Enrique Mirambell
Lucy  Lázaro Steel & Composite Structures Strategic use of stainless steel in dissipative zones Rolando Chacón
Yanfei  Shen Steel & Composite Structures Stability design of stainless steel frames using stiffness reduction and GNA Rolando Chacón
Pablo Sierra Steel & Composite Structures IoT-based damage detection in railway bridges Xavier Martínez, Rolando Chacón