What We Do

The research area in Steel & Composite Structures covers experimental, numerical and theoretical studies on the behavior and analysis for safe and sustainable design of steel and composite structures. The research activity focuses on: instability-related problems (buckling), new metallic materials (stainless steel), numerical simulations of construction processes, time-dependent effects in composite structures, plate girders (hybrid and tapered) and the systematic usage of FEM in steel structures design.

Technology transfer and consultancy is offered on particular problems related to stability and ductility of steel bridges, buildings and wind towers, seismic design and on the systematic nonlinear analysis of steel frames according to new design guidelines.

The researchers of this area work in close collaboration with international institutions, universities and research centers. They participates actively in the development of the Spanish Steel Code (EAE-12) as in the ongoing development of European Standards EN1993 CEN/TC8/SC2/WG1/TG1.