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The research area in Analysis & Design of Concrete Structures consists in experimental and theoretical research on the behavior, numerical analysis and development of conceptual models for safe and sustainable design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

Contributions have been made, among others, on the following topics:

  • Non-linear and time dependent analysis of segmentally constructed structures, including strengthening interventions
  • Studies and mechanical models development of shear and punching effects.
  • Performance-based design of concrete structures
  • Assessment of structures strengthened using FRP or other innovative techniques
  • Fire resistance of concrete structure
  • Partially prestressed concrete structures.
  • Service life assessment of damaged or corroded concrete structures

Technology transfer to companies and consultancy are also offered on:

  • Innovative prefabricated solutions for bridges
  • Buildings and wind towers
  • Seismic design and assessment of concrete structures
  • Assessment of the strength of existing bridges against extraordinary loading.

Some of the non linear analysis softwares developed are CONS, TINSA, CONSHEAR, SATLAB

The researchers of this research area work in close collaboration with international institutions, universities and research centers. Some members have also participated actively in the development of the Spanish Concrete Code (EHE-08), in the Model Code 2010 and are participating in the working groups CEN/TC250/SC2/WG1/TG1 (Strengthening with fiber reinforced polymers) and CEN/TC250/SC2/WG1/TG4 (Shear, torsion and punching) for updating the Eurocode 2 provisions.

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