Blanco, A., Pujadas, P., Cavalaro, S., De La Fuente, A., Aguado, A.
Constitutive model for fibre reinforced concrete based on the Barcelona test,
Cement and Concrete Composites,
53, pp. 327-340 (2014).


Several constitutive models for fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) have been reported in the past years based on the flexural performance obtained in a bending test. The Barcelona test was presented as an alternative to characterise the tensile properties of FRC; however, no constitutive model was derived from it. In this article, a formulation to predict the tensile behaviour of FRC is developed based on the results of the Barcelona test. The constitutive model proposed is validated by simulating the results of an experimental program involving different types of fibres and fibre contents by means of finite element software. Moreover, the simplified formulation proposed is compared with constitutive models from European codes and guidelines.