Manso, S., Mestres, G., Ginebra, M.P., De Belie, N., Segura, I., Aguado, A.
Development of a low pH cementitious material to enlarge bioreceptivity,
Construction and Building Materials,
54, pp. 485-495 (2014).


This paper presents a laboratory investigation into the development of a low-pH cementitious material in order to enlarge bioreceptivity. Two different options were tested; reduction of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) pH and assessment of the suitability of another hydraulic binder with lower pH, Magnesium-Phosphate Cement (MPC). Regarding OPC, additions of acidic compounds such as boric acid and oxalic acid were investigated. Furthermore, an in-depth characterization of MPC was carried out to evaluate its suitability as a binder for concrete. For this purpose, physico-chemical as well as mechanical properties were tested.