Aire, C., Carmona, S., Aguado, A., Molins, C.
Double-punch test of fiber-reinforced concrete: Effect of specimen origin and size,
ACI Materials Journal,
112 (2), pp. 199-208 (2015).


One of the main advantages of the Barcelona test is that the properties of fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) can be determined by using cylindrical specimens, thereby permitting the use of cores to control the quality of concrete used in construction. Using the results of an extensive experimental campaign, this paper establishes the relationship between the unitary load of cracking, residual strength and toughness of molded specimens, and cores of concretes reinforced with different types of fibers but with the same aspect ratio. The fiber diameter is observed to significantly influence the properties of molded specimens, whereas in the cores, the number of fibers that lose anchoring due to drilling determines the response of the FRC.