Pieralisi, R., Cavalaro, S.H.P., Aguado, A.
Evolutionary lattice model for the compaction of pervious concrete in the fresh state,
Construction and Building Materials,
99, pp. 11-25 (2015).


This paper presents a simplified model for the simulation of the compaction of deformable granular materials such as pervious concrete in the fresh state. The strategy is to use an evolutionary lattice system with local instability to simulate the intensive internal rearrangement expected during compaction. This is associated with a bar layout and material properties that vary with the time steps. Furthermore, a biphasic particle composed by a rigid inner core involved by a deformable exterior layer is considered. This versatile approach allows a simplified representation of complex granular media made of very deformable particles or of rigid particles covered by a flexible binder. Numerical and experimental comparisons were conducted to evaluate the capacity of the method to predict the behavior of different materials. The results indicate that the model may provide an estimation of the forces applied during the compaction, being suitable for a wide range of applications.