Noemí­ Duarte

Noemí Duarte

Noemí Duarte Gómez is research assistant of the Analysis & Design of Structural Concrete Group since 2008. She is a Civil Engineer since 2004 and got her M.Sc degree in 2010. She is also doing her Ph.D. in the UPC.

As a researcher of the Analysis & Design of Structural Concrete Group she has worked in different topics related with nonlinear analysis of concrete structures and nowadays she is focused on design and nonlinear analysis of partially prestressed concrete elements, life-assessment of existing structures, she has been involved in several competitive research and technology transfer projects related to structural technology.

She has also worked for 7 years as a bridge designer in an engineering firm, Enginyeria Reventos, and has been also involved in technical directions of several works.


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