Title Phantom aggregate to develop high-performance pervious concrete / Arido fantasma para la obtención de hormigones porosos de altas prestaciones
Reference BIA2013-50069-EXP
Partners UPC
Project Leader Antonio Aguado
Contractor Ministerio de Economí­a y Competitividad
Initial date 2014
Final date 2016
Summary The Phantom-Crete project proposes a new disrutive and radical concept for the development of high-performance pervious concrete. This concept is based on two entirely new concepts: 1) the design of a new concept of aggregate with controlled dissolution in cementitious materials, and 2) the design of pervious concrete mixtures based on the study of the physics of packing and wetting phenomenon of aggregates. The first development will allow to maintain appropriate rheology and consistency of the fresh mix, providing self-compacting characteristics to the mix and allowing the obtention of pervious shotcrete. This concept will be called “phantom aggregate”, since the aggregate will initially exist in fresh concrete, to dissolve and disappear in later stages. The controlled dissolution of the aggregates in the medium generated by the hydration of cement will allow the development of a network of interconnected pores, characteristic of pervious concrete. The second development will also permit a radical approach to the dosing process of pervious concrete, since it would allow dosing these materials considering the study of the compactness of the granular system (sand and gravel) and by controlling the content of cement paste (cement, water and additions), such that the porosity of the material, the number of aggregate-aggregate contacts and the amount of cement paste to be distributed among them is optimized. This would result in an optimization and improvement of the properties of the material.