Pujadas, P., Blanco, A., Cavalaro, S., Aguado, A.
Plastic fibres as the only reinforcement for flat suspended slabs: Experimental investigation and numerical simulation ,
Construction and Building Materials,
57, pp. 92-104 (2014).


This paper focuses on the study of the structural response of hyperstatic concrete flat suspended slabs reinforced only with structural plastic macro-fibres. First, the experimental program is described and then the results obtained are presented. The slabs tested maintained a high load level after cracking showing a ductile behaviour with great stress redistribution capacity. Next, the tests were simulated by means of a finite element software with constitutive models according to the specifications of RILEM and the Spanish Structural Concrete Code (EHE). The numerical results in terms of load/mid-span deflection were compared with the experimental results. The predictions provided by the codes and guideline models clearly overestimated the experimental results, which suggests the need to review the constitutive models used for plastic fibre-reinforced concrete.