Klein, N.S., Aguado, A., Toralles-Carbonari, B.M., Real, L.V.
Prediction of the water absorption by aggregates over time: Modelling through the use of value function and experimental validation,
Construction and Building Materials,
69, pp. 213-220 (2014).


Knowing the volume of water absorbed by aggregates during a period of time is of great importance for industrial applications of mortars and concretes, as it allows varying the volume of water added to a mix based on both the types of aggregates used and casting times. This work proposes a model describing the evolution of the water absorption by aggregates over time. The model consists of a value function and considers the particle size distribution of the aggregates and the kinetics of the absorption phenomenon. Experimental verification is performed for different aggregate types and data collected from scientific literature. The results show a good correlation between the proposed model and the experimental results.