Antonio R. Marí
Numerical simulation of the segmental construction of three dimensional concrete frames,
Engineering Structures,
Volume 22, Issue 6, June 2000, Pages 585-596 (2000).


An analytical model for the nonlinear and time-dependent analysis of segmentally constructed three dimensional concrete frames is presented. The structural effects of the load and temperature histories, materials nonlinear behaviour, creep, shrinkage, aging of concrete and relaxation of prestressing steel are considered, as well as the nonlinear geometric effects. The step by step analysis procedure allows us to simulate most of current construction processes of bridges and buildings. Possible changes on the structural configuration and loading at any time include variations on the longitudinal scheme and cross section, restraining and releasing boundary conditions or stressing and removing prestressing tendons, among others. Numerical results are compared with those obtained from a large scale laboratory test, showing the capability of the analytical model to reproduce the structural effects of a complex evolutionary construction process along with the nonlinear and time dependent behaviour of the materials.