Pons, O., Aguado, A., Fern√°ndez, A.I., Cabeza, L.F., Chimenos, J.M.
Review of the use of phase change materials (PCMs) in buildings with reinforced concrete structures,
Materiales de Construccion,
64 (315) (2014).


Phase change materials are capable of storing and releasing energy in the form of heat in determined temperature ranges, so to increase a building's thermal inertia, stabilize its indoor temperatures and reduce its energetic demand. Therefore, if we used these materials we could have more energetically efficient buildings. Nevertheless, are these materials most appropriate to be used in buildings? Could the incorporation of phase change materials in buildings with concrete structures be generalized? This article aims to carry out a review of these phase change materials from construction professionals' points of view, study their applications for buildings with reinforced concrete structures and the key points for these applications