Rolando Chacón

Rolando Chacón Flores

Dr. Rolando Chacón Flores got the degree of Civil Engineer in 2002 from the Universidad de los Andes (VE) and his PhD in in 2009 from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC). He is associate professor at the UPC since 2014.

His research focuses on the non-linear analysis of steel structures. In particular, structural problems associated with plate buckling, ductility and dynamics. Primarily, his research involves the usage of numerical modeling of steel structures with a theoretical perspective but most importantly, intended for applied civil engineering design. Furthermore, experimental as well as SHM techniques aimed at understanding the in situ behavior of steel and composite structures represent another leg of his research lines. In addition, as part of his teaching duties, he has developed innovative educational techniques for civil engineering students. All his work is reflected in numerous articles in international indexed journals. Concerning Plate-Buckling and instability, he has actively contributed to ECCS TC8 and TWG 8.3 in the ongoing development of EN1993, which provides recommendations for the design of steel structures.

His career has been recognized with several awards in the field of teaching (Premi Davyd Luque from UPCNET-UPC) and research (Best young researcher in Eurosteel 2008 and Best Civil Engineering Thesis at UPC).


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