Bock M., Arrayago I., Real E., Mirambell E.
Study of web crippling in ferritic stainless steel cold formed sections,
Thin-Walled Structures,
69(5), pp. 29-44 (2013).


Cold-formed stainless steel members are widely used due to their high corrosion resistance and high resistance-to-weight ratio but their susceptibility to buckle implies that instability phenomena such as web crippling, where the web locally buckles due to concentrated transverse forces, must be considered. On the other hand, the emergent ferritic stainless steel has very low nickel content and therefore, they are cheaper and relatively price stable compared to austenitics and duplex. Their promising future has aimed to develop efficient design guidance and as a result, a new unified web crippling resistance expression based on numerical simulations and thereafter validated with experimental results has been proposed.