Roca P.; Cervera M.; Pelà L.; Clemente R.; Chiumenti M.
Viscoelasticity and Damage Model for Creep Behavior of Historical Masonry Structures,
The Open Civil Engineering Journal,
6, (Suppl 1-M7) 188-199 (2012).


This paper presents a continuum model for the simulation of the viscous effects and the long-term damage ac-cumulation in masonry structures. The rheological model is based on a generalized Maxwell chain representation with a constitutive law utilizing a limited number of internal variables. Thanks to its computational efficiency, this approach is suitable for the analysis of large and complex structures. In the paper, the viscous and damage models are presented and their coupling is discussed. The FE simulation of the construction process of the representative bay of Mallorca Cathedral is presented, together with the analysis of the long-term effects. The parameters of the model are tentatively calibrated on the basis of the time-dependent viscous deformations detected during the cathedral monitoring.